Deflecto Full Shield Countertop Safety Barrier with Full Shield w/Feet

31" wide x 23" tall full shield with feet Available in 3/16" Acrylic and 1/8" Polycarbonate material for clarity and durability Easy to move and reposition in a variety of counter-top settings Provides added protection from potential respiratory droplets for both the customer and employee Protect employees and customers from COVID-19 and other virus exposures by providing a barrier for those who work with the public or near others. Our counter-top safety barriers provide a durable, clear view and flexible design for a variety of uses including cash registers, offices, and checkout lanes. Acrylic has roughly 17 times the impact resistance. Polycarbonate is the stronger material at 250 times the impact resistance of standard glass. ... Acrylic has a high gloss finish and is more transparent, making it ideal for display cases. Acrylic is also easier to crack, while polycarbonate is easier to scratch.
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