Keilhauer Morley Task Chair

(Shipping only available for Wisconsin and Illinois) • Adjustable Arm • Lateral Arm Adjustment • Adjustable Back Height • Sliding Seat Pan • Adjustable Seat Height • Tilt Lock We have discovered that men and women sit very differently. Most men have a tendency to sit on the back of their ischial tuberosities (“sit-bones”), while most women tend to sit on the top or rolled slightly forward of these “sit-bones” – in other words more upright and forward in their chairs. Morley allows for this fundamental difference. This Pelvic Balance Point® (PBP) design technology allows you to adjust your positioning on the seat in relationship to the backrest for optimum support and comfort. The T1-L5 Free Shoulders® shape of Morley’s backrest supports the natural curve of your spine – lumbar and thoracic. It also provides a more beneficial shape for your shoulder blades when you recline. It allows you to release yourself from the “hunched-shoulder” position you can too-easily fall into when you are constantly keying or mousing. Your chest expands and you can breathe more air into your lungs 8411 Knitback, Syncro-tilt, Casters, Pneumatic Height Adjustment, Adjustable Back Height, Ajustable Urethane Arms W 26.5" D 27.5" H 37.5–43.5"
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