OfficeSource StandUp Standing Desk Collection Crank Lift Base and Laminate Top

Height: 26 " - 42‑3/4 " Avoid the harmful long-term effects of too much time sitting! Health authorities recommend changing posture from sitting to standing position throughout the day to avoid the harmful long-term effects of too much sitting. OfficeSource Height Adjustable Tables are easy, quick and quiet to operate, and offer the optimal vertical range to accommodate people of all sizes. When it comes to office furniture, it is of the utmost importance that you have a firm support. This is where this crank lift base comes in. It offers firm support for your desk top, while maintaining the aesthetics of your work station. What separates this crank lift base by OfficeSource from many others is that it has a large adjustable height range. This crank lift base can move between the heights of 26.25 to 42.75 inches. This is not all: this exquisite piece of office furniture comes in an elegant silver finish, adding to its aesthetic appeal.
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