OfficeSource OS Panels Complete Package 7 - As Shown with Desks

one exclusive panel manufacturer, but distribute the products of several manufacturers, allowing our sales professionals to offer our customers more options at better pricing. View our gallery of office partitions to see how partitions and panels can transform your office into a functional, practical and stylish environment. The complete package that is this office solution, gives you the ability to instantly convert your work space into a cohesive office, that will allow every member of the team to have a spacious and comfortable working environment of his or her own. This cubicle system includes desks, file storage systems, and all of the essentials that will allow you to ensure a cohesive and collaborative work environment. This system assembles swiftly, and can provide you with a productive workspace that will keep your business moving in the right direction. Each piece in this package has been designed to look good, while offering you that functionality that you're looking for. Includes 7 OfficeSource OS Laminate Lateral Files 3 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet PL183 7 OfficeSource Variant Collection File Top PL109 4 OfficeSource OS Laminate Collection 3 Drawer Deluxe Full Pedestal - Box/Box/File PL166 4 OfficeSource Variant Collection Unite Leg Base - 24" PLTULEG24A2 4 Rectangular Top - 72"W x 24"D (Requires Base) PLT2472 4 OfficeSource Variant Collection Return Top Beam - 36", 42" and 48" PLTRETSUPPORT 4 OfficeSource OS Panels 24"W Upholstered Panel SP4224 5 OfficeSource OS Panels 36"W Upholstered Panel SP4236 2 OfficeSource OS Panels 3 Way T-Connector 42" SP342 4 OfficeSource OS Panels End Cap 42" SPCAP42 4 OfficeSource Variant Collection Connector Beam Bracket 1 PLTCBBSINGLE
Manufacturer: OfficeSource
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